Organisations I have founded & Institutional work

Code Liberation

Code Liberation catalyzes the creation of digital games and creative technologies by women, nonbinary, femme, and girl-identifying people to diversify STEAM fields. We have reached around 3000 women since 2013. I have mentored, worked with and have had the privilege of calling my friends a pioneering new wave of women in video games including Nina Freeman, Caroline Sinders, Adelle Lin, Jane Friedhoff, Saskia Freeke, Kiona Niehaus, Alice Casey and Charlie Ann Page. Learn more about us here.

UAL Creative Computing Institute

Opened in 2019, I wrote a good percentage of the units and helped with the opening of both the MSc and BSc degrees. I have been the course leader on the BSc and MSc, and am now am the course leader on the just the MSc.Check it out

Goldsmiths MA in Independent Games and Playable Experience Design

I wrote, validated, and ran the MA in Independent Games and Playable Experience Design at Goldsmiths. Focusing on developing aesthetic awareness, students create compelling mechanics and the ability to craft innovative narratives in games and immersive experiences. I no longer work there, but this MA is great and now run by my good friend, Federico Fasce. Come hang out


In 2015, along with Caroline Sinder, current director, and other women from Code Liberation, we founded Facets, an interdisciplinary creative coding, interactive art, and videogames un-conference. FACETS is a conversational based creative un-conference with a focus on underrepresented voices and demographics in STEM and art.Watch last year's conference. Pro tip. Chelsea Manning, Kate Crawford and Jer Thorp's panel was exceptional

Devotion Gallery

Devotion Gallery was a gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn from 2009 - 2014 that was at the intersection of art, science, media, and design. We presented cross-disciplinary work drawing from architecture, computation, gaming, biology, fabrication, interface design, open-source communities, cloud computing, sound, and complexity. We held over 200 events and exhibitions during our run and supported artists pioneering in electronics, gaming, machine learning, algorithmic design, AR, and VR. Visit the archive

Dozen Eyes

Dozen Eyes was a game studio in Brooklyn, NY founded in Spring of 2013 and closed at the end of 2015. I founded it with Ben Johnson. We focused on applied games, museum installations and intelligently playful experiences. Previous Work

People often ask me, "Do you ever sleep?" Not like you do. I wake up at 3.30 AM and read Sci-fi until 5am. Maybe that's my problem. Really though, the answer is I never do things alone. I build communities of people and together, we do far more than I could ever do alone. I get by, with a little help from my friends.

Public Speaking

I speak as an advocate for inclusion in STEAM and Video Games. Also, I do talks about my own work and tech breakdowns on interesting topics. My speaking appearances include Resonate, A Maze, Indiecade, GDC and more. Watch one here.

Recent Games

Bot Party

Bot Party is a game which explores intimacy through physical play using sound.


Thrum is a haptic game about vibration. It's under development.